Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Face That Started it ALL! #tbt Throwback Thursday!

EEVEE the Shiba Inu at 7-8 Weeks Old 

These are my very first baby pictures! How cute. ^_^ 

I was about 7-8 Weeks old at the time.

My coloring has definitely changed with time but I still have that same look in my eyes! 

EEVEE the Shiba Inu at 7-8 Weeks Old 

(For those wondering my coloring is called Red Sesame.)

Mom kind of wishes I had stayed chubby (^_^)

Hope you have enojoied my first #tbt or Throwback Thursday!

More puppy pictures to come! 



  1. Replies
    1. i knowwww but she was SOOOOOO cute. when i got her i think she was only 3 lbs all chubby and clumsy - i miss that!