Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A place to rest your head.

Today I share with you my current dog bed.

When I am not sleeping in Mom's bed this is the spot.

(Although typically you can find me in the people bed, snug as a bug under the covers. Hey I get chilly!)

Happy Wednesday!!! 



  1. Very cute :) I have a similar type of bed for my dog and she loves having a spot to rest her head on.... probably why when she jumps into my bed she likes to curl up near the top by the pillows!

  2. Hey Holly. It's Molly. I tried to tell you that I made Eevee out of polymer clay back in december. But I think u probably didnt read it because your feed got congested. i have a picture of it on my instragram. I can send it to you if you want it :) Its really cuuuute <3

    1. OMG i def. didnt see that! I'll def. check it out! thanks ^_^ cant wait to see